Meeting in Homes:

This allows for the body of believers to be small enough to love one another in close relationships. People truly experience the kind of loving community the New Testament speaks of as they can “…weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice”.

Sunday Nights: Currently on Zoom at 8:00pm.

For information on meeting locations, please contact Rob Stowers at 513-543-6870


Home Church is a loving community of believers that intentionally crosses class, race and gender barrier to share life together and reach out to our neighbors. This becomes a great witness to the love of people that follow Christ.

Discipleship and Leadership Development:

Cell Groups
Smaller men and women’s discipleship groups allow for a more relational-based discipleship method. As time together centers on the truths of God, prayer and sharing life together, spiritual growth occurs and leaders are developed. Personal relational discipleship is often more “caught than taught”. Christ’s followers went with him to do ministry and heard his teachings

Ministry Houses
Ministry house are filled with single people of the same sex intentionally living life together with a commitment to see Christ revealed in every area of their life. Ministry houses allow for a unique opportunity to experience deep relationships and fellowship that goes beyond meetings.