Community Partners agree:

With the strategy of the three R’s of Christian Community Development. Holistic development.

Relocation: Those living in the community best understand how to lead efforts to restore the community. There is a leadership deficit in our inner city communities. We need people to relocate, return and remain in the communities of need to help lead its restoration. We will work towards developing indigenous leadership.

Redistribution: Our inner city communities are under resourced. We need to channel resources in such a way that children and families living in the community can break the cycle of poverty and the community can be restored.

Reconciliation: The barriers between people such as class and race have been broken in Christ. People will only see and experience this as people act in faith to cross these barriers through their actions.

1. Define the geographic boundaries of an economically disadvantaged community to serve.
         • Focus on specific area.
         • Designate names of streets which border the area.

2. Describe the needs of that community giving special consideration to their perceived needs.
         • Study the area’s demographics and life situation.
         • Food, housing, clothing, education, safety, job training, counseling, spiritual needs,
         • Identify which people in the area to serve.
         • Survey residents and program’s serving the area

3. Distribute resources and services to that community.
         • Resources/skills and services to match described needs.
         • Develop programs which allow people to build relationships
         • Establish criteria for interacting with other agencies.
         • Establish relationships with other agencies who wish to participate.
         • Create and use various ministries and programs to help distribute resources.
         • Educational help, budget counseling, job opportunities, legal help, relief (food,
             clothes, shelter), training of different types, etc.

4. Develop responsibility in that community, especially among their youth, for continuing its development.
         • Target the youth
         • Use above programs to develop indigenous community leaders.

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