A Vision As Big As The City!

After raising my family in South Linden and doing inner city ministry there for fifteen years, I saw God work incredible miracles:

  • Hundreds of kids began a relationship with Christ.
  • Major crimes went down over 40% in our targeted area.
  • The cycle of poverty is being broken in the lives of so many as kids as they graduate from high school and get jobs rather than going to jail.
  • The value of marriage is embraced by many couples making marriage commitments.
  • People from the community have become leaders in transforming the community.
  • People are moving to the community rather than fleeing from it.

I believe these same miracles could transform other high crime and impoverished neighborhoods in our city (and other cities) if the Church would mobilize their people in unity across the racial and class barriers.

City Vision exists to ignite a movement of community transformation. I invite you to become part of this movement by contacting Jim via the
contact form.